The need to update your website more regularly has become a key factor in today’s search engine positions war, more and more people are switching to Content Management Systems, to enable them to make these regular updates.\n\nHere are some tips to help avoid common mistakes when getting a site developed using a Content Management System (CMS):\n

1. Avoid In House Systems

\nSome web developers will try to sell you their own personal ‘In House’ Content Management Systems, but be warned, if you ever are unhappy with their service, you may find that your site is not supported by another hosting company.\n\nAnother issue that arises with using ‘In House’ systems is bugs and limited functionality. Most In house systems only offer limited functionality, and are costly to integrate new features. Also, because they are only small systems, they aren’t tested as thoroughly as some of the bigger systems ‘industry standard’ systems such as WordPress.\n\nWe use the number 1 system in the world WordPress. it currently powers over 20% of the web. It is constantly updated, patching issues and releasing new features, along with millions of plugins to add on the extra functionality you need.\n

2. Make sure your hosting meets the CMS requirements

\nAll Content management systems have different requirements. Making sure your hosting is up to the job of managing your CMS is paramount, as it could be costly if it doesn’t.\n\nOur hosting is set up to allow us to host WordPress hassle free and with no complications.\n\nCall us today to discuss your requirements 01823 726077 or get a free online website quote.