Our Website Promotion Services

“We often receive new business through word of mouth recommendations ,
due to our personal approach and traditional business values”.  Jamie Nevada (Director)

Website promotional packages

Website Promotion – Without the Techno Jargon

We find most customers are too busy running their businesses to commit time to learning website promotion. We know the ‘technobabble’ phases used in this industry can be baffling and clients just want a company they can trust to provide an effective marketing solution.

We pride ourselves on providing a simple, easy to understand services with no gobbledygook.

SEO Minefield

SEO Minefield

Are you tired of search engine optimisation marketing companies spamming your mail boxes with marketing emails? Many clients feel discouraged by past negative experiences, hassled by pushy sales teams pestering them with cold calls. These teams typically offer false promises and unrealistic keyword search results on Google.

We don’t have a hardcore sales team… Just a friendly, professional and personal service.

No automated link building

No Robots Allowed

We believe in the natural selection of search engine results and offer a manual in-house blog post writing by real people with combined with cutting edge A.i. We don’t use automated spam robot software for link building as is common in the industry, due to potential negative impacts on your website promotion. We offer simple to understand proven packages and discuss your requirements either in person or via the telephone.

Call our Somerset based team on 01823 781664 to discuss your requirements.


Our Hassle-Free Services

  • We offer realistic goals and expectations

  • We create blog posts & manage social media

  • We offer realistic expectations and timescales

  • We provide clear progress results

  • Friendly personal service (25 years experience)

  • No long-term contracts – pay monthly or quarterly

  • Guaranteed Results using Google Ads

Excellent, simple customer services

Our Great Value Packages

All packages include discussing customers requirements to fully understanding your business and goals.


  • Free Setup
  • Up to 5 keywords
  • Website optimisation
  • 1 Blog Post
  • Link building
  • Monthly Reports
  • No Contract – Approx 3 hours Work


  • Free Setup
  • Up to 20 keywords
  • Three hours website optimisation
  • Create 3 Blog Posts
  • Three hours link building
  • Monthly Reports
  • No Contract – Approx 8 hours Work


  • Free Setup
  • Up to 10 keywords
  • Two hours website optimisation
  • Create 2 Blog Posts
  • Two hours link building
  • Monthly Reports
  • No Contract – Approx 5 hours Work
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What’s the next step?

Select a package above and give us call on: 01823 781664

Our fees are mainly governed by the time it takes us in hours to perform your selected services.

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What do the terms mean?

The terms covers all elements of website promotion.It basically covers a combination of all the elements below, from editing your website’s keywords through to setting up Google Ads.

We will strive to reach high search engine positions and generate targeted sales and enquiries

The involves making content such as blog posts, videos and promotional images for any of our social media accounts, including Facebook (META), Twitter {X}, Instagram, Tick Tok etc. A blog post is simply a message with a title, that you can add photo and video content to if required.

This means improving & developing the text content, image tags and keywords that Google and other search engines look for in your website. We also setup and install Google Analytics software, so we can both monitor website hits and performance.

With Google making changes to the way you search every few years, many techniques of improving your search engine position have been left behind, becoming either obsolete, or being frowned upon and penalised against. One of the only ways that has remained the same throughout is Organic Link Building. This has proven to be a very effective medium in generating targeted long term traffic and can significantly increase your search engine positions. The process involves manually submitting your business and website details on industry related websites or directories. This results in a link generated on the related website to return your website, which forms a strong credible link in Google’s eyes and increases website traffic to your website.

We can setup a Google and Meta (Facebook) business pages that displays your business contact details, map location, address, opening times etc. The Google business page displays at the top of Google’s search results and allows customers to leave reviews on your business, which is critical website promotion and business success.

We analyse every page on your website to find out what work is required. There are lots of elements we normally need to improve including editing keywords, text content, broken links, grammar, page URLs, plugins, page speed, image sizes, image alt tags and meta tags.

Using Google Analytics will allow us to monitor visitors to your website and how customers interact. We can use the data to follow their journey so we can optimise the marketing performance and create reports, helping your business to grow.

Google Ads are generally displayed as sponsored links at the top of Google’s results pages. You ‘pay per click’ to display your advert in these top positions. The positions are determined on the amount you are willing to ‘pay per click’, but you are only charged if a user clicks on your advert link, which directs the user to your website. We can create and fully manage a Google Ads Campaign for you.

Using META (Facebook) advertising can drive sales and increase customer interaction with your website. It’s similar to Google Ad’s, although you are targeting predominantly Facebook users.  We can focus advertising on selected demographics, such as Age bracket, location and other factors. Meta has a excellent administration system which allows us to create adverts, monitor performance and keep control of budgets.

We offer face to face training, the first session is free to new customers, then £50 thereafter.

Meta – Facebook

We can help make sure that your blog is connected to facebook and other social media sites


Photo and video sharing social networking service owned by Meta Platforms

Google Ads

Google Ads

Create targeted website traffic to your website with a Google Ads campaign