2013 saw a huge rise in E-Commerce sales, with big companies seeing huge increases in online purchases, in line with reductions in in-store purchases. John Lewis, for example, reported that online sales increased 22.6% over the Christmas Period in comparison to the previous year.\n\nE-Commerce is becoming a bigger market than ever before, with customers searching for the best deal online. Companies are investing millions on improving their E-Commerce platforms, but having an e-commerce site doesn’t have to be costly.\n\n

“27.6% of UK smartphone owners use their devices to shop”

Our E-Commerce sites use one of the most  recognised E-Commerce systems in the world, which is fully mobile friendly, content managed and has a huge variety of features that can be added to tailor your site to your specific needs.\n\n

“Mobile devices will account for 30% of global retail E-Commerce spending by 2018”