How often do you update your website? Once a week… Once a Month… Once a Year? Did you know that Google has put huge importance on how often your site is updated?\n\nGoogle wants to offer its users the freshest, up to date content it can provide, which means that sites that aren’t updated regularly, or haven’t been updated in a while, will start to move down the hard earned rankings that you may have achieved. But some people don’t have the capability to update their sites. Sites that are built as static sites can only be updated by someone who has some knowledge of how websites work, and how they are coded, which does often prove so difficult for some that they don’t bother.\n\nAlso, your users will want to see fresh content, if you want them to continue to visit your site. They don’t want to be coming back to your site, to find that they have already seen the content that is on your site.\n\nWe offer a content management system with our websites, which allow for you to log in from any internet enabled computer, tablet or smartphone, and easily update all aspects of your site, simple and effortlessly. We use the number one content management system in the world, WordPress, which, at the beginning of this month, reached the milestone of powering over 20% of all websites in the world.