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Are you ready for Google’s Mobile search changes on the 21st April?

As reported on sky news today. Google is due to make a major update to its mobile search algorithm on Tuesday 21st April, in a move expected to cause ripples across the web". Websites not deemed mobile-friendly will be dropped down the search rankings, dramatically reducing the number of visitors to a site. Click here [...]


Responsive Website? Adaptive Content? Web Design Simplified

Are you confused by all the terms Web Designers use when referring to sites that are Mobile and Tablet friendly? Are you concerned about the cost of a Mobile Friendly site?\n\nGenerally, all mobile sites are responsive.This means that they respond to as certain aspect of the device for which they are being viewed on, and [...]


Easy Editing! Now as Standard!

Tired of not being able to update your website easily? Annoyed that you can't achieve the layout you want?\n\nOur new websites are now even easier to edit. Using the newest technologies, we are able to create sites that you can take forward and easily add or remove new content, making your site future proof.\n\nWant to [...]


Our Improved Estate Agent System

Our Estate Agent system has come on a huge amount since it was originally developed, and now it is even better. Thanks to new technologies and new methods, we can combine it with a content management system, meaning that not only can you maintain all your property listings, but now, you can control almost every [...]


Is 2014 the Year of E-Commerce?

2013 saw a huge rise in E-Commerce sales, with big companies seeing huge increases in online purchases, in line with reductions in in-store purchases. John Lewis, for example, reported that online sales increased 22.6% over the Christmas Period in comparison to the previous year.\n\nE-Commerce is becoming a bigger market than ever before, with customers searching [...]


Avoid Common CMS Mistakes

The need to update your website more regularly has become a key factor in today's search engine positions war, more and more people are switching to Content Management Systems, to enable them to make these regular updates.\n\nHere are some tips to help avoid common mistakes when getting a site developed using a Content Management System [...]


Importance of Keeping Your Site Updated

How often do you update your website? Once a week… Once a Month… Once a Year? Did you know that Google has put huge importance on how often your site is updated?\n\nGoogle wants to offer its users the freshest, up to date content it can provide, which means that sites that aren’t updated regularly, or [...]


Keep your site up to date with Automatic Updates on WordPress

With the new release of Wordpress 3.7, websites are now able to update Wordpress and it's plugins in the background, rather than having to do each one as they are updated, which is often very time consuming.\n\nThis means that your Content Managed Website is always operating using the newest version of Wordpress, and it's plugins, [...]


Accommodation Websites & Booking System Integration

Are you looking for website with an availability checker and booking system for your cottages or holiday property?We specialise in building websites for holiday properties, including cottages, hotels, bed and breakfasts and other self catering establishments.\n\nMany clients require an availability checker and booking system that automatically accepts credit cards and other payment options integrated into [...]


Is your website mobile friendly and tablet ready?

“Nearly 40 Percent of users access the internet on a mobile device”.\nSales in tablets and smartphones continue to rise rapidly as more people switch from desktop computers to more compact and convenient devices, resulting in users spending more time online accessing social networking websites, booking holidays and shopping etc.\n “72% of Consumers Want a Mobile-Friendly Sites”\nIt [...]