Tired of not being able to update your website easily? Annoyed that you can’t achieve the layout you want?\n\nOur new websites are now even easier to edit. Using the newest technologies, we are able to create sites that you can take forward and easily add or remove new content, making your site future proof.\n\nWant to add a new gallery, a few quick clicks and add the images, update then view your handiwork, as our new sites handle all the code creation for you.\n\nWe can create customised layouts as well, so all you have to worry about is the content, not how you need to code it.\n\nOur new sites also now cross the boundary between being responsive (adapting to the screen size of the device) and adaptive (loading dynamic content based on what the type of the device), meaning that on a mobile, we can load a smaller image to minimize loading times on slower devices, or re-order the content that displays on a tablet.\n\nGive us a call, or drop us an e-mail, and see what we can do for you.