“Nearly 40 Percent of users access the internet on a mobile device”.

\nSales in tablets and smartphones continue to rise rapidly as more people switch from desktop computers to more compact and convenient devices, resulting in users spending more time online accessing social networking websites, booking holidays and shopping etc.\n

 “72% of Consumers Want a Mobile-Friendly Sites”

\nIt can be awkward and frustrating using a website on your smartphone which isn’t fully mobile friendly, forcing you to use both hands in order to zoom in to read text or simply click on a link.\n

Only 20% of websites are mobile friendly

\nVirtually all our new websites are mobile friendly, which means the images and text automatically enlarge and adapt to display correctly on mobile and tablet screens. Therefore, text can be easily read and users can navigate around the site simply without frustrations with one hand.\n

Content management System

\nWe also offer a content management system, allowing you to fully update your website from any internet connected device. You can even add new pages and integrate with social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.